Becoming leaders in designing and manufacturing packaging solutions in Argentina and South America, investing in our state-of-the-art technology, developing innovative processes and products, and strengthening our commitment with sustainability.


Designing and manufacturing flexible packaging, adding value in every stage of the manufacturing process to meet the specific needs of every client while guaranteeing the highest security and quality standards.


Over 30 years of investment and growth

30 years, 3 plants.



Our packaging reaches thousands of households, ensuring that the products contained are distributed in the safest and most harmless way.

To support its quality, we develop and control every stage of the manufacturing process, following the highest international standards of quality.

Our activities are supported by a strong Integrated Management Policy, that guides the joint work of various areas of the company, promotes effective communication with our clients, and strengthens our commitment with the environment.

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Our commitment is with everybody



• Our greatest capital is human.

• We promote the personal and professional development of our collaborators with continuous training and incentives and benefits schemes.

• We encourage teamwork and social action by inviting them to be a part of our Corporate Volunteering.



• We multiply the opportunities of people in our region.

• Since 2005, we have promoted and supported actions aiming at giving children and adults from vulnerable groups
More access to housing, healthcare, and education.


The environment

• We’ve adopted technology into our manufacturing processes to produce a higher energy efficiency. We use inks with organic heavy-metal free pigments, biodegradable detergents, as well as our solvent recovery unit to reuse it. We also use recycled paper at our offices and LED technology.

• We are certified by the ISO 14000 standard, in Environmental Control, so all our waste is recycled, or is disposed in the best way to avoid any sort of contamination.

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Going further

We’ve made our commitment with the community a reality by creating the Petropack Foundation. The Foundation promotes local development and economic inclusion.

Leading social projects, driving educational proposals, and creating new job opportunities.

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Plants and processes

We are present at every step

Our manufacturing complex comprises three plants which amounts to over 30,000 sq m equipped with state-of-the-art technology. That’s where we develop and control the manufacturing process of our packaging from beginning to end.