A group of first-rate professionals works at our Innovation and Development center to discover new applications, new packaging options, and researching new technologies to offer our clients the latest and most advanced packaging solutions that could lead to new business opportunities.


in action

Our team does research, test, and designs new processes and packaging aimed at four critical segments.

Active packaging

We develop solutions that extend shelf life of products, introducing properties such as antioxidant, antibacterial, oxygen scavenger, and volatile compounds, among others.

High performance packaging

We optimize resistance, the barrier properties, and the performance of packaging by means of especially design coextrusions.

Special effects

We add value to products through its presentation by implementing technology to produce high impact finishing on high-definition printing such as holographic effects, thermochromic ink, glow in the dark, soft touch effect, and matte/gloss contrast among others.


We work on redesigning packaging and using cutting-edge technology to achieve 100% recyclable monomaterial structures with recycled content, of renewable origin such as green PE, lighter and with a better performance such as the microfoaming technology, thus contributing to sustainability and to encouraging the circular economy.


Let’s work

We work together with clients and suppliers to assess specific improvement opportunities: cost reduction, environmental impact reduction, using sustainable raw materials, optimizing the visual features on the packaging.

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